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What can I say!! Zumba® has literally helped change my life for the absolute better!!! 

When life hits you, it REALLY hits you and I can attest to that! I was found in a sunken place. Feeling sad, mad, and depressed but remaining positive on my outlook on life! 

I was coming out of the radio/promotions/entertainment industry just looking to ignite a new passion! One day I decided to pull myself out of my funk and started working out to get my energy flowing! Then I came across some dance fitness videos and it hit me....I want to start doing ZUMBA® so I instantly enrolled into an instructor class to start my fitness journey and career! After a YEAR of becoming a student and attending multiple classes, master classes, JAM SESSIONS, and instructor trainings I began teaching a couple songs here and there with my Zumba® friends (#ZFAM)! 

The more I submerged myself into it the more I acquired that Z-Factor and most of all the knowledge and skills needed to begin teaching my VERY OWN classes!! 

How exciting! So please join me at Crunch Fitness to enjoy this fun DANCE FITNESS that will take you around the world, in one HOUR!!! Click Here For Class Details!